A mass for peace in the third millennium

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Frederick Hart
Mr. Hart was a master and a wonderful man. His work is monumental! I am blessed to have his "Cross of the Millennium" on the cover of my A Mass for Peace in the Third Millennium CD. The story behind this is remarkable.

Jimmy Webb
Few people have influenced my music as much as Jimmy Webb. His songs are poetry and soulful. It is so great to see him making a comeback! Check out his site, you’ll be surprised how many songs that you love - Jimmy wrote.

Nashville Songwriter's Hall of Fame
My first significant influence as a prospective songwriter, in High School, was my neighbor, Don Robertson. Don was always so open and easy to talk to despite having written songs for many of the greatest singers of his day. I’ll never forget being in Don's home during the holidays in the 1950s and seeing a Christmas card on his mantle. It said, "Don, you keep writing them and I’ll keep singing them." Signed, "Elvis Presley"

Eoin Harrington
Eoin is a personal friend and an up and coming star. He was kind enough to sing the role of Cadet Vianney on my CD, "The Cure of Ars"

Eric Genuis
Eric is a brilliant classical composer and pianist. It is such a pleasure to know him and to listen to his passionate music whether on CD or in concert. His music will move you!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
I must admit that Rock music is in my blood. Give me that old time Rock & Roll!

If Rock & Roll is in my blood, Mother Angelica’s global Catholic network, EWTN, is in my soul. Talk about an underdog story. What Mother has accomplished is a miracle of the "Highest Order"!

Catholic Answers
If you are a Catholic, these days, we need someone to defend our Faith. Catholic Answers has done God's work for years in sharing its wisdom and message throughout the world.

Eucharistic Miracles
For those of us who tend to marvel at the Supernatural, the great mystery of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist is perhaps the greatest mystery of all. These miracles are documented, physical evidence that Christ is with us in the Eucharist. Many of them are on display, even today. The most impressive is The Miracle of Lanciano. In 2000, on my pilgrimage to Italy, I was overwhelmed to see it with my own eyes!

Ignatius Press
One of many sources of books, music, videos, gifts, etc.