Other Works

Other Works By John Vitz

John W. Vitzr

Now, for something completely different!

Prior to my morphing from songwriter to composer, I had written hundreds of songs over the years.  On this page you will find a few demos that I made in my home studio; everything from Ballads, Pop, Country, Novelty Songs, Love Songs, Songs for my Family and Friends, Boogie, Christmas Songs and more.

These songs were all made in my old home studio.  In most of them I sing, play the piano, guitar, synthesizer and all the other instruments - sort of a “one man band”.  By no means do I consider myself a performer.  I am just a songwriter.  These recordings are meant to showcase my songs - not my voice.   ;-o  ♫♪ ♫    (pretty pitchy, huh?)   

To Listen:  Place your cursor over the name of the song and CLICK.  Pop-ups tell you a bit about each one.

The Lyrics are listed on the BLOG page.   Let me know if anything makes you smile, think or cry.

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Other Works By John Vitz

  • Songwriter One of my favorites because it is autobiographical; however, most every songwriter I know can relate to this story.
  • Walking With Angels The right person can change your life.
  • Does it Really Matter? I’ll bet that most parents of teenagers can relate to this song. It has a special significance to me.
  • Mind Bogglin’ Sometimes things get way out of hand. This is a comical, novelty song about the hassles of a harried housewife!
  • Bob and Me Love hurts; especially when you lose your best friend in the process. This is country music at its finest :-)
  • Teenage Heartache Young love can be so hard to deal with when things don’t go right.
  • Voyager Travel onward to Venus, Jupiter and Mars on an odyssey in search of answers.
  • Time Ends This was written in the early 1970s. I co-wrote it with Sara Lewis.  We wrote many others back in the day.
  • Our Song Life is often hard and sometimes unfair. Time and distance can cause irreparable damage to a relationship. That doesn’t mean cannot hope for reconciliation.
  • Mind Songs Another collaboration with Sara Lewis. Her poem, Mind Songs, became the first song we wrote together in 1971.
  • Mirror Image Sara wrote such esoteric lyrics that I was always in awe of her talent. Too bad so few people understood her.
  • In Every Way… I Love You A love between a husband and wife is made even stronger when you have children. At the end of the day, when love is real, everyday’s a holiday.
  • Prelude to Armageddon This is the first movement of a work in progress.
  • The City of Angels   This is a dark look at a Godless society under siege.
  • One Night in Toyland Here is a Christmas song for my precious daughter, Tracy, when she was a very little girl.
  • Inside of You One of my “online” collaborations. Verena Pond sent me these lyrics and I put them to music. I love the way she tells about having faith in another. That’s what friends are for!
  • Certain Sadness A story about love slipping away. Lyrics by Sara Lewis and beautifully sung by Stephanie Dean. 
  • Let’s Boogie!It's time to BOOGIE!
  • Let’s Call Her Elisha One night, when my daughters were chatting and carrying on, they told me a story about their friend, Elisha, who had a brief encounter the night before with a guy who was trying to hit on her. From the viewpoint of the poor guy, I wrote this funny and cute little song.
  • The Sweetheart of Rock and Roll My love for the music of Carole King prompted this tune. I sent this song to Carole’s manager, who promptly sent it back saying that they do not accept unsolicited material - DUH! 
  • Two Special People When Mother Teresa and Princess Diana died within a few days of each other, I was moved to write a tribute. The “Saint” and The Princess, gone; but not forgotten.
  • Scenes From Our Summer Love Although this scenario hopefully applies to many of us, I wrote this for my Mom and Dad, Jimmie and Frances. They met one summer, long ago, at Geneva on the Lake, in Ohio. They were young, but their love endured. May they rest in heavenly peace.
  • Even Though For some reason, after I watched a movie on the life of Beethoven, Immortal Beloved, I was reflecting on the final scene that showed his headstone. Feeling sad, I sat down and wrote this.
  • In The Aftermath (tribute to 9/11) Immediately after the terrorist attacks, I wrote this music so I would remember exactly how I felt that day. I prayed about it and I played this music everyday for 2 months. Out of the blue, the words came to me.  They fit perfectly. The song, “In The Aftermath” was born.
  • Choices We all make choices when we can. How about those who don’t have a voice and who are at the mercy of another’s choice. I dedicated this song to the memory of my dear friend, Pat Driscoll.
  • In The Cabbage PatchIf you're feeling low, you don’t know where to turn and you really need a friend... look to the Cabbage Patch!
  • A Brighter Day, Tomorrow Some days are worse than others. Don’t despair. Tomorrow is another day.
  • Andi Pandi My youngest daughter, Andrea, was a 2 year old dynamo when I wrote this for her :-)
  • Christmas Cheer! Who can deny the frenzy that has become Christmas? Everything is "so demographic". Yet, somehow, we make it work as we recall and celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus.