"The Miracle of Christmas!" from "Christ, The Light!"

I am thrilled to announce that I have just finished the score for my new cantata, "Christ, The Light!"

Since it will be some time before we get into the recording studio, I put together a 45 minute demo video using my virtual orchestra and chorus, as well as pictures to accompany the music and to display the lyrics of each movement.  There are 9 movements in the piece:

1- Ex Nihilo
2- The Song of Angels
3- The Fall
4- The Annunciation
5- The Miracle of Christmas!
6- The Mysteries of Light
7- Calvary and Beyond
8- He Is Risen!
9- Christ, the Light

"The Miracle of Christmas!" is our Christmas gift to everyone.  Here is a FREE link for the video, 
You may share it with your family and friends!

If you'd like the complete, 45 minute, DVD video:  Please go to the Contact Us page in this website and email us your name, address, etc.  The DVD is only $9.95, plus $2.50 shipping and handling for a total of  $12.45.  Payment can be made with credit card or PayPal.  If you prefer to pay by check, mail your request to:

P.O. Box 345
San Ramon, CA  94583