Voyager - lyrics


Words and Music by John W. Vitz




If man could travel onward to Venus, Jupiter and Mars,

Imagine how the distance between us would stretch beyond the stars!

We’d seek the perfect hiding place, no distance is too far.

But we would have to travel forever to find the meaning of our

Creation.  Elation.  Damnation.  Salvation.



If man could learn to love one another, no matter who we are,

Imagine all are sisters and brothers.  Would that be so bizarre?

If we could find it in our hearts to call each one a friend;

Then planet Earth will shine through the heavens as Paradise once again!

Creation.  Elation.  Damnation.  Salvation.



If we would all believe in The Power, The Spirit and The Plan;

We would no longer tremble and cower with heads submerged in sand.

We’d know it is our destiny to serve the God of Man.

And we would be akin to the angels, and we would all understand

Creation.  Elation.  Damnation.  Salvation.











Copyright © 1996, John W. Vitz.  All Rights Reserved.