The Sweetheart of Rock & Roll - lyrics


The Sweetheart of Rock and Roll

Words and Music by John W. Vitz


Back in the olden days,

Before the days of The Beatles,

Carole and the Cosines had a High School Band

That started something special.


And even then, when Rock was young,

“Oh, Carole” was a popular number;

Teaming up with Gerry until

“One Fine Day”, they did “The Locomotion”,

“Will You Still Love Me?” and “Up on the Roof”!


And though those days seem oh “So Far Away”,

I can’t forget the songs we used to play – like:

“Take Good Care of My Baby”,

And something tells me “I’m Into Something Good”.


“Chains”, my baby’s got me locked up in chains,

So, “It Might as Well Rain Until September”.


She gave us “Music” to treasure.

I pray her songs never end.

‘Cause when you listen to Carole,

You know that “You’ve Got a Friend”.


Out of all the Rock and Roll legends,

There are few more “Beautiful” souls.

If Elvis Presley’s The King

And Madonna’s out of control,

Carole King is The Sweetheart of Rock and Roll! 




Copyright © 1994, John W. Vitz.  All Rights Reserved.