Our Song - lyrics


Words and Music by John Vitz



The song I like the best

Is one as yet to come.

I would sing my favorite song for you;

But, it never has been sung.


I hear it in my mind.

I feel it in my heart.

I would love to sing my song for you.

But, I don’t know where to start.


Because, it’s OUR SONG,

Your’s and mine.

Yes, it’s OUR SONG.

Don’t you know - it’s OUR SONG?


If I could find the words,

The perfect words to say,

I would share them with the melody

And I’d sing it everyday.


And someday you could know.

And you could sing it too.

Then my very special song of love

Will be especially for you.


And we’d sing OUR SONG.

Your’s and mine;





Copyright ©1976 and 2011, John W. Vitz.  All Rights Reserved.