Does It Really Matter - lyrics

Does It Really Matter?

Words and Music by John W. Vitz



Does it really matter?  

Do you really want me to tell you?

Do you ever wonder why I seem to be so unkind - to you?

And did you ever care that I was always there when you stumbled to the ground?

Well, now that you are grown, I’d like to make it known

I’ve kept a little secret of my own.


Have you ever noticed 

I’m the one who fights for your rights - when things go wrong?

Have you ever noticed

Though we’ve had our fights - you’ve become so strong?


And every now and then when you might need a friend

Know for sure, that I’ll be there.   

Know that I will always care.  

Know that I will say a prayer for you.


There are times when the world can overwhelm us all;

And times when we all come crashing down.

There are times when the mighty Oak must take a fall.

But, there has never been a time - when you weren’t on my mind.


Does it really matter, maybe once or twice we have both agreed?

And does it really matter, I’ve embarrassed you when I’d not concede?

Well, as I see it all - before you even crawled,  I have known a father’s pain.

But precious little one,  I’ve had a world of fun and I’d do it all again.


Does it really matter, soon you will be off on your own, away from home?

And does it really matter, Mom and I will be home alone, unchaperoned?

I hope that you will see the joy you gave to me, 

And, I hope that you will know

That, yes, it really matters.  The love a family shows --- always grows.



Copyright © 1996 and 2011, John W. Vitz.  All Rights Reserved.