In The Aftermath - lyrics

In The Aftermath


Words and Music by John W. Vitz



“Tuesday, September 11, of the year 2001”


Out of the sky

Some had to die

For all we know

They were all heroes.


While down below

Sudden death struck a blow

As the towers fell

With a glimpse of hell

And the devil’s wrath

In The Aftermath,

As we prayed.


God, and all your angels

Come to keep us free

For our love of country

And our love of Thee.


God, command St. Michael,

“Wield your mighty sword!”

Strike a blow for freedom.

God, just say the word.

God, save the world.

God, just say the word.


And as the air was thick with dust and debris, and as the surreal sound of chirping filled our ears, we saw men and women of all races and creeds frantically trying to help in any way they could.  There was just no way to reach the thousands of innocent souls trapped in the rubble and carnage.  Yet, that did not deter those with the will to be all that they could be.  Tears and fears, horror and hope, helplessness and fatigue were found in the faces of those firemen, police, medics and the bravest people you will ever see who came together out of love for their fellow man!


Then, through the pain

Look at all that we’ve gained

As we hoist our flag

And we all can brag,

"In The Aftermath,

We’re Americans!

We are One!”




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