Pieta - lyrics

On this day, the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, I contemplate Mary at the foot of the Cross.  In 2002, as I was doing the same thing, I wrote a song with that in mind.  The song is called "Pieta".  

Words and Music by John W. Vitz


From the cross, with battered body,

He gave all that He could give.

He was scorned and scourged and crucified

For the way we live.


As His head hung down in utter pain

He taught us to forgive.

As precious blood flowed from His wounds

So that we may live.


At the foot of our Redeemer’s Cross just a few remained

Where Satan’s overwhelming loss had become our gain.

It was after all the suffering, reveals the sacred text,

When Jesus gave a gift to us that we did not expect.


For, Jesus Christ, our brother, said to Mary and to John,

“John, behold your mother.  Woman, behold your son.”

He said, “John, behold your mother.  Woman, behold your son.”


Now, it’s nearly been 2000 years

And I’m standing here in Rome,

As I look upon a masterpiece

That a man carved out of stone.


What a wondrous thing to contemplate.

What an glorious thing to do!

For, when Jesus gave His life for us, He gave His Mother, too.

Yes, when Jesus gave His life for us, He gave us His Mother, too.


As I gaze at the sculpture of the grand Pieta

I see Mary, my mother, holding Jesus, her Son.

My Queen and my Mother.

My Lord and my God!




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