Funny Smileys :-)

Maybe it's just me, but there is a certain "genius" associated with creators of the "smiley" symbols used in texting, IMs and emails.  Here are some beauties!

(_8(|)     Homer Simpson

P-(        Pirate


5:-)       Elvis


@@@@:-)   Marge Simpson


#:-)       Messy Hair


~~8-O   Bad-Hair Day


8(:-)      Mickey Mouse


:-[         Vampire


[:-)        In my studio


*<|:-)     Santa Claus


3:*>      Rudolph the red nose reindeer  


:8)         Pig


<:>==   Turkey


+<:-)     Pope


/:-)        Frenchman with a beret


d:-)      Ball Player


q:-)       Catcher


d:-]       Gangsta


~:o       Baby


*<):o)   Clown


C=:-)    Chef